Dexcom CGM Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

Dexcom CGM Insurance Coverage: What You Need to Know

Navigating insurance coverage for medical devices like Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems can be complex and overwhelming.

Understanding your insurance options and how to maximize coverage is crucial for accessing the life-changing benefits of CGM technology.

In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about Dexcom CGM insurance coverage, from understanding different insurance plans to tips for navigating the insurance process effectively.


Understanding Dexcom CGM Insurance Plans 

  • Private Insurance:
    Most private health insurance plans cover Dexcom CGM systems to some extent, but it's like a treasure hunt - you have to find the details!

    Coverage varies depending on your specific plan and provider. Your first step would be review your insurance policy documents or contact your insurance company to understand the loot: deductibles (money you pay upfront), copayments (fixed amount you pay per use), and any special requirements (like pre-approvals).

  • Medicare & Medicaid:

    Good news! Dexcom CGM is covered by Medicare for eligible beneficiaries who meet certain criteria. This coverage includes both the Dexcom G6 and G7 systems.

    Medicare coverage typically requires a prescription from your healthcare provider and may involve specific documentation and paperwork.

    Here are some documents and paperwork required by Medicare:

  • Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN):
    Your doctor fills out this form to explain why you require a Dexcom CGM and how it will enhance your diabetes management. 
    Think of it as a convincing argument for why you deserve this treasure!

  • Medicare Assignment of Benefits Form:
    By signing this form, you authorize Medicare to receive your bills directly from your doctor. It streamlines the process for everyone involved in securing your Dexcom CGM.

  • Images of Your Insurance Card (front and back):
    Providing images of both sides of your insurance card helps Medicare identify your specific coverage details accurately.

  • Chart Notes Reflecting Coverage Criteria: 
    Your doctor's notes serve as evidence to demonstrate that you meet Medicare's requirements for CGM coverage. Think of it as presenting supporting documentation to validate your claim for the CGM.

    For Medicaid, it's a state-by-state adventure!
    Some states offer full coverage for CGMs, while others might  limited coverage or require additional documentation for approval. 

    Check with your state Medicaid office or your Medicaid managed care plan for details on coverage and eligibility requirements.

    You can usually find contact information for your state Medicaid office on the Medicaid website of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (


Conquering Dexcom CGM Insurance Coverage Challenges

We talked about how insurance can be your key to unlocking the benefits of Dexcom CGM. But what about those pesky obstacles that might stand in your way? Here's how to overcome common hurdles and claim your CGM!

Prior Authorization:
Uh oh! Your plan might require pre-approval for Dexcom CGM. No worries, you're not alone. Team up with your doctor to tackle this challenge head-on.

They'll have experience filling out the prior authorization forms, and can provide any medical records or prescription info needed to convince the insurance guardian of it's  importance.

Here's an exciting development on the horizon! Dexcom's forthcoming CGM system, Dexcom® Stelo, promises a trove of benefits! One highlight? Stelo may bypass the need for prior authorization altogether!

This means less paperwork and potentially faster access to this game-changing technology. Click HERE to see detailed information and update about the Stelo system.

In the meantime, here are some tips for navigating prior authorization for current Dexcom CGMs:

  • Team up with your doctor to complete any necessary prior authorization forms and provide supporting documentation.

  • Consider seeking assistance from a patient advocacy organization or healthcare professional experienced in insurance appeals.

Denial Dilemma:
Bummer! Your insurance claim got denied? Don't despair! You have the right to appeal the decision. Read the denial notice carefully – it'll hold the key to why your request was blocked. Gather any missing info (like medical records or additional documentation) to strengthen your case.

If you feel overwhelmed, consider enlisting the help of a patient advocacy organization or a healthcare professional familiar with insurance appeals. They can be your allies in this!

Financial Foes:
Worried about the costDexcom extends a helping hand through patient assistance programs! These programs can offer a variety of support, from discounted pricing to financial aid, depending on your eligibility.

One of this support aids without insurance is The Dexcom Savings Card. This cuts you a whooping 50% of your expense!. Click HERE to learn how the Dexcom Savings Card works, who is eligible and how to apply.

You can also head over to Dexcom's website or chat with their customer support team to see if you qualify for a program and unlock the treasure at a price you can manage.

Becoming Your Own Insurance Process Champion

Now that we've talked about the obstacles and how to handle them, what about the day-to-day battles with insurance? Here are two major ways to become your own insurance champion and navigate the path to Dexcom CGM with confidence!

Paper Trail Power:
Information is your weapon! Keep a comprehensive record of every interaction with your insurance provider. This includes phone calls, emails, and any written correspondence. Jot down key details like dates, times, who you spoke with, and reference numbers for claims or inquiries. This way, if confusion arises, you possess clear evidence to substantiate your claims.

Persistence is Your Potion:
Conquering the insurance realm takes perseverance! Don't be disheartened by delays or obstacles. Be proactive in following up on claims, appeals, and any lingering issues. Remember, you're advocating for yourself or your loved one's access to Dexcom CGM, a powerful tool for managing diabetes.

Don't be afraid to raise your voice and fight for the coverage and support you rightfully deserve!

Bonus Tip:

Consider enlisting the help of a patient advocacy organization. These groups can be valuable allies, offering support and guidance as you navigate the insurance maze.

By becoming your own insurance champion, you can overcome these challenges and unlock the life-changing benefits of Dexcom CGM!


How Can You Leverage Your Insurance for a Dexcom CGM When Purchasing From an Online Store?

While Dexcom CGMs are fantastic tools for diabetes management, it's important to understand that insurance typically won't reimburse purchases directly from online stores. Here's why:

  • Maintaining Quality Control: Insurance companies have strict guidelines about covered medical devices. They partner with specific suppliers to ensure quality and safety standards are met.

  • Fraud Prevention: Reimbursing online purchases opens the door to potential fraud. Insurance companies rely on verified suppliers to avoid covering counterfeit devices.

So, how can you leverage your insurance for a Dexcom CGM?

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Check Your Coverage:

  • Review your insurance plan documents (or call your provider) to understand your coverage details for Dexcom CGMs. This includes:

    • Deductible: The amount you pay upfront before insurance kicks in.

    • Copay: A fixed amount you pay per CGM sensor or transmitter.

    • Coverage percentage: The portion of the cost your insurance covers after your deductible is met.

Step 2: Work with Your Doctor:

  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your interest in Dexcom CGM.

  • Your doctor will assess your needs and determine if Dexcom CGM is right for you.

  • If approved, your doctor will provide a prescription specifying the Dexcom CGM model and supplies you need.

Step 3: Utilize Approved Suppliers:

  • Don't head straight to online retailers! Your doctor or insurance company might have preferred suppliers for Dexcom CGMs.

  • These suppliers will work directly with your insurance to handle billing and ensure coverage is applied.

Step 4: Submit for Reimbursement (Optional):

  • In some cases, your doctor's office might not handle insurance directly for CGMs.

  • If this applies to you, carefully review your insurance provider's instructions on submitting claims for reimbursement after purchasing from an approved supplier.

Can I Purchase Dexcom CGMs from Prestige Medical Supply and Use My Insurance?

Prestige Medical Supply is currently not an in-network provider for Dexcom CGMs with major insurance companies. This means that while we cannot currently work directly with your insurance to process claims, we can still be a valuable resource for managing your diabetes with Dexcom CGMs.

Here's how Prestige Medical Supply can help:

  • Competitive Retail Pricing: We offer Dexcom CGMs at competitive retail prices.

  • Discount Opportunities: We regularly run promotions and discounts on Dexcom CGMs, offering savings of up to 25% off the retail price. Keep an eye on our social media pages and subscribe to our e-mail list for upcoming deals!

While we understand the convenience of using insurance, we're constantly working to expand our network of approved insurance providers. In the meantime, our competitive pricing and discount programs can help you get the Dexcom CGM you need at a more affordable rate.

Visit to shop CGMs at affordable rates.


Claim Your Treasure: You Can Now Unlock the Power of Dexcom CGM with Confidence!

Congratulations, champion! You've navigated the complex paths of insurance and emerged victorious. Now you hold the key to a treasure chest filled with better diabetes management: Dexcom CGM!


  • Knowledge is power! By understanding your insurance options and navigating the process like a champion, you've conquered the biggest obstacles.

  • Optimize your arsenal! Explore prior authorization workarounds, appeal denials with confidence, and explore patient assistance programs to make Dexcom CGM more affordable.

  • Be your own advocate! Don't be afraid to fight for the coverage you deserve. Persistence and clear documentation are your weapons in this battle.

The final key: Always consult with your healthcare provider and insurance company for personalized guidance. They can be your trusted allies on your journey to better diabetes management with Dexcom CGM.

With your newfound knowledge and unwavering spirit, you're well on your way to unlocking a healthier, happier you!


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